Top 5 Best Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router India 2022

Sometimes it happens when you are using your laptop/pc for downloading any important data and suddenly a power cut happens or you might be having a meeting on skype and due to power drop your meeting with your boss got interrupted or your live stream stopped because of a power outage. All these things happened because your Wi-Fi router stopped working in this case a mini ups for Wi-Fi router can help you to continue your work.

You might be having a power backup in your home or apartment but it takes at least two to five minute to start power, So in this case you need some uninterrupted power source which can continue your online work, something like mini ups for Wi-Fi router.

You might be thinking why mini ups, So this is because we need it for short time like five to ten minutes or even longer time like two to four hours. In this case you need a cheaper and durable power backup option for your Wi-Fi router.

So here I am with plenty of mini ups options for your Wi-Fi router. It has low cost and durability for your uninterrupted online work. I will suggest you first check your Wi-Fi router power rating then buy the mini power backup tool for your router. I have mentioned below top 5 Best Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router with their power ratings please check it and select which best suits your requirement.

1. Resonate Router UPS CRU12V2 Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router

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This mini ups has Intelligent Charging algorithm inbuilt which prevent battery to overcharge and maintains optimal charging of battery. You don’t need any technician to install this device because it is light waited and easy to install just plug in and start using. It will give you up to 4 hours of power backup.

It comes with four variant according to power ratings

  1. CRU 5V 2A

This mini ups comes with 5V and 2A supply and it will smoothly work with all router which use  5V and less than 2A of current also compatible with all 9V, <1A powered Wi-Fi,

  1. CRU 9V 2A

It is Compatible with all 9V, <1A powered Wi-Fi routers also compatible with all 5V, <2A powered Wi-Fi.

  1. CRU 12V 2A

This type of router is Compatible with all 12V, <2A powered Wi-Fi routers.

  1. CRU 12V 2A

Compatible with all 12V, <3A powered Wi-Fi routers.

So these above Wi-Fi router ups covers mostly all category of mini ups for routers, If you have any Wi-Fi router in between 5V to 12V then select from above mentioned ups for modem and Wi-Fi router.

2. Intelizon UPS for 12V/2A Wi-Fi Route

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Intelizon is an Indian brand, this mini ups is suitable for 12V router only and up to 2A. This 400g mini Wi-Fi ups will give you up to 4 hours of backup. This mini ups has 25 WH Inbuilt lithium battery with smart charging for long life of battery, it works as plug and play no installation required.

3. Oakter Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router Uninterrupted Power Backup

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Oakter Mini UPS supports 12V/2A Wi-Fi router and gives you up to 4 hours of power backup. This mini ups also has smart charging and intelligent battery management system, Oakter Mini UPS comes in blue and black color which give an additional beautiful look. This mini ups also comes in 3 variants.

4. Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600 mini UPS for Router

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Zinq mini ups is ups cum power bank for all digital products including Wi-Fi router and modem, it supports 12V/2A Wi-Fi router and has USB output port, it means that you can charge your maximum digital product which comes under its power output range like smartphone and iPad.

This mini ups device will give you up to 4 hours of power backup and has intelligence charging technology which prevents your Wi-Fi router mini ups device from being overcharged.

5. Instaplay 12V/2A Wi-Fi Router Designed by IIT Alumni Mad e in India

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Instaplay mini ups is a made in India brand. A team of IITians has developed this brand, they have 15 years of serving experience to Indian customers.

This 12V  Wi-Fi router mini ups will give you up to 4 hours of battery backup, Instaplay mini ups supports all 12V <2A Wi-Fi router please check your Wi-Fi router power capacity before buying any mini ups for Wi-Fi router.


All Wi-Fi routers mentioned above are best as per my knowledge, you can choose any of them which fulfill your need and don’t forget to first check your Wi-Fi router power rating because it is important for the right match of Wi-Fi router with mini ups. If you like this article please share it in your friend circle so that more people get an idea about mini ups for their Wi-Fi router.

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